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etherpad-playback by Ari Bader-Natal

A Popcorn.js plugin to render the contents of an Etherpad Lite document.

This is a Popcorn.js plugin that renders the contents of an Etherpad Lite document into a specified target DOM element. Note that this isn't setting up an embedded Etherpad Lite editor (that should be a separate plugin), but rather rendering the HTML contents of an existing Etherpad Lite document into the current page. This is interesting primarily because Etherpad provides near-continuous version control, attaching a unique revision number after every few keystrokes. The idea behind the Popcorn plugin was to give access to each of these revisions, allowing you to step through the creation of a document as the timeline of a video progresses.



Ari Bader-Natal (@aribadernatal)


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